Hey there, I’m Chandra Shettigar. Let me give you a quick glimpse of my journey:

  • I’ve been immersed in application development (web, mobile, desktop) since 2004
  • After some Java adventures, I hopped on the web development train with Ruby on Rails back in 2008. The simplicity of Ruby and the elegance of Rails architecture resonated with me. I enjoy crafting web apps and APIs, utilizing backend tools, and weaving services together for robust web products.
  • Docker caught my attention in 2016, revolutionizing how I set up my development environment. The streamlined builds and deployments through CI/CD were a game changer.
  • AWS stepped into the picture in 2017. I dove into infrastructure code, spun up EC2 stacks, and tangoed with CloudFormation. I spent a year brainstorming platform ideas using CloudFormation and the AWS SDK.
  • In 2018, Terraform entered the scene, impressing me with its modular infrastructure capabilities. While I’m all about Cloud-Native, AWS remains my trusted launchpad. During the same year, I dabbled in Kubernetes deployments and tinkered with CICD pipelines.
  • Around mid-2019, I went all-in on creating a self-service toolkit riding atop AWS (think ECS, EKS, and other AWS goodies). The aim? To empower application teams with the right set of tools, enabling them to practice efficient DevSecOps without relying on a separate DevOps team or juggling multiple teams for tasks like managing CI/CD pipelines and creating application stacks on the cloud.
  • Presently, I’m wearing the hats of a consultant and a contract developer, primarily in the realm of Ruby on Rails. My focus is on aiding companies in seamless CICD migration, architecting robust infrastructure code, containerizing applications using Docker for both local development setups and production readiness, and advocating for the best practices in application development
  • Additionally, I’m cooking up online courses, creating videos, penning articles, and crafting more courses in the DevOps, Cloud, and Platform Engineering space, all while looking ahead to the next 2-3 years. My roadmap includes sharpening my focus on Containerization, Platform Engineering, Infrastructure Automation, and, of course, there will be more Rails development in the mix.

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