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DevOps Local Setup: Docker & Dev-Containers in VSCode

Chandra Shettigar

Learn how to setup an efficient and consistent local environment for DevOps, Platform or Cloud Engineering workstation, using Docker and Dev Containers in VSCode. Learn from setting up Dev Containers, installing AWS CLI & CDK, installing Terraform & Kubectl to testing AWS & Terraform, etc.

The Flipside of Microservices: Knowing When to Embrace or Pass

Chandra Shettigar

“Microservices” offer a way to make flexible, scalable apps. But are they right for all? Should you choose them? What about long-term upkeep? Discover how to find the right balance for your app.

Create React.js App using Docker

Chandra Shettigar

Learn how to create a new React.js app without installing Node on your host OS using Docker. This post will guide you through the steps to run the app as a container on your local setup, streamlining your development process.